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Clare ([personal profile] quarter) wrote in [personal profile] brokenthrough 2011-11-14 09:49 pm (UTC)

Character's Desired Position: Field Agent.
Relevant skills you want the managers to know about: Can make tea and get Break free muffins. Adept with her Claymore sword, superhuman strength, speed, etc. Yoki sensing and predicting the movements of other warriors. Yoki suppression and the ability to pass as a normal person. She explains the Organization trained her to act really well and go "undercover", she is particularly good at pretending to be a boy and has used this position above and below ground. A serious six months of history with Dismas and a variety of contacts among the brothels and the Arena.
Do you want to be called upon by Break for random detective-y plot times? Yes!
Do you want to handwave/log out time spent in the "office" or would you rather work off-site? Whatever's needed! I imagine her on hand with a steady supply of sweets for Break and Yachi.
ANYTHING ELSE you want to say that I haven't thought of? I'm all ears! Clare does Welcome Wagon stuff and makes her money off Arena fights and potentially bodyguarding Tyrion, so she's not actually doing this to pay the rent and won't always prioritize it.

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