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Verity Kindle ([personal profile] calamitousnaiad) wrote in [personal profile] brokenthrough 2011-09-08 08:06 am (UTC)

Character's Desired Position: Umm... she is totally capable of secretarial stuff and she loves the idea of field work. She's also quite good with computers and certain kinds of tech, being that she comes from ~the future~
Relevant skills you want the managers to know about: Computers, research, stubbornness. Organizational/paperwork skills. Willingness to sneak around rich people's houses and try to swipe diaries and suchlike.
Do you want to be called upon by Break for random detective-y plot times? sure sure!
Do you want to handwave/log out time spent in the "office" or would you rather work off-site? Office time is doable! I'll just... handwave the things with myself lmfao.
ANYTHING ELSE you want to say that I haven't thought of? I'm all ears! Watson wants to be included! He is the perfect detectivey sidekick!

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