Feb. 20th, 2011

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Now that you've given all this a looksee, please fill out my Permissions post. Thanks!
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Hellloooo~! You have reached the Break and Enter Detective Agency, and its founder, Xerxes Break! Please leave all inquiries here and I will return the correspondence as swiftly as possible! ♥
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So, hopefully you just took a mosey through Break's Character Info and Powers post. So now it's time for Permissions!

To reiterate the finer points:

Break is mostly blind. While I can gauge what blurry mess he might be able to see from your icons, I thought it might be a good idea to collect some other basic sensory information. Could come in handy. :)

Also, he can sense supernatural abilities in other characters and get a general sense of how strong their power is. So my questions to you fine folks are:

1. Is there anything about your character that Break would notice right away from sound, smell, or touch? It's more likely he'll employ the first two senses than the third, just fyi. And he won't try to lick them. I promise.

2. Does your character have a supernatural ability?

2b. If yes, about how strong is this power? On a scale from minimal psychic enhancements to WORLD DESTROYING MAGICS, for example.

2c. Is your character able to conceal traces of said power? This would fool Break into thinking you didn't have any. Which would likely end poorly for him, if he was trying to fight you. >_>

3. Is there a Permissions post you'd like ME to fill out? If yes, link me, baby!

That's it! Here is a handy text box for your convenience:

Thank you muchly!


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